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i was able to see the world differently
Catching Fire World Premiere Chapter One

Based off of these crossed imagines: 



I couldn’t just pick one and the second one really portrays Jenna’s self-appreciation in the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it, even though it’s short! I wanted it to be a real story with chapters, so i can keep my readers guessing. (; But don’t worry I’m still doing the short stories!!

“That looks amazing on you Jenna!” My best friend Claire squealed at me as I stepped out of my dressing room in the boutique right in the center of Chicago.

“You don’t think it makes me look too fat?” I examine myself in the 3-mirrors that surround me.

I’m 5 feet 3 inches, light tan skin, mid-length brunette hair, light brown eyes, and everything else average. I’m wearing a long, low to high, one shoulder, tight satin purple dress. The owners said that Megan Fox once wore it to an important event, and even bought it at this exact boutique.

“No you look perfect actually! Let me take a picture!” I turn around and fake a smile so Claire can snap a fast picture. Ugh.

“I can’t believe you already found your perfect dress this fast! I took like over six hours trying on dresses until I found that blue origami one!” Claire sighs and then smiles at me. I walk to her and hug her.

“Thanks for lying to make me feel good.” I say, with an edge of sarcasm so she doesn’t kill me.

Clair and I were about seventeen in a half when we were called from the producers of an upcoming film Catching Fire, claiming we got the World Premiere tickets to Los Angeles. We totally forgot we entered the contest which was hosted about a year ago when the first movie came out to DVD. We totally screamed like little girls. My heart still pounds unnaturally whenever I think of it. I can’t believe I’m going to the World Premiere! The call also consisted of the producers claiming we also won a day to hang out with one cast member, the day after the Premiere, of our choosing. We thought it was a hoax, but they said that since it was a huge contest that took over a year to generate, they added this specifically to accept our patience.

I walked back to the dressing room and quickly changed out of the formal dress and into my comfy shorts, pink tank top, gray cardigan, and flip flops. I took the dress and joined Claire at the register counter.

“I’m still jealous of how hot and beautiful you look in that dress. Boys are going to fall all over you at L.A.” I laugh as I pay for the dress, thanking the cashier.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to point you out to them.” I wink and giggle as she slaps my arm.

We walk out into the sweet Chicago summer air. The trees were finally sprouting and the sun coming out of the moon’s shadow, proclaiming summer was here. We were in the middle of July, and already we were getting ready for the world premiere. It was to be held at the beginning of August so the actors could attend the seminars, mall tours, and other extravaganzas before the actual movie came out in September. It was supposed to be released in November, but so many fans rioted and asked for a change in date, that Lionsgate had no other choice but to push it ahead two months.

“God. I wish we could be there already. I hope Miley doesn’t go so I can have Liam all to myself!” She cracks up and almost loses her balance. We were each able to pick our own actor to spend the day with and of course Claire chose Liam since she was one of his best hardcore fans. She totally wanted him, and everyday hoped that Miley would somehow get busy so she couldn’t attend the premiere. Sad, I know. I, on the other hand, still don’t know who I should hang out with for one whole day. I’m a very indecisive person and can’t ever make up my mind, even if it was to choose between life and death. Seriously. I think I would end up picking Jennifer Lawrence anyway since we’re both so similar. I swear we could be related.

After we got my dress, we went to grab a bite at the Cheesecake Factory, since Claire’s uncle worked there and we were offered great discount. Later we sent our dresses to the dry cleaners just to make sure they were pitch perfect before the big day. We’re crazy I know.

It was about eight in the evening when we were finally done with all our errands and plans for the day. We decided to have a sleepover at my home, just like we always did when we were little. By the time midnight rolled around, we’ve consumed about a year’s worth of sugar, and watched five movies on Netflix.

“I still can’t believe this is happening. Do you think Liam will like me?” Claire scoops up another section of ice cream from her bowl and starts watching it melt.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t? Besides it’s not like your expecting to become his girlfriend.” She nodded and ate the rest of her ice cream.

“It would be funny if one of the actors fell in love with one of us. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you! What if the guy who plays Finnick does? Or someone hot!” She smiles so wide, you could see her dimples.

“Not a chance. You know I’m just average!” I roll my eyes and laugh as I think of the possibility. Nope.

Claire sets down her bowl on the coffee table and snuggles up with her blanket.

“Only one week and a half left Jenna! Anything can happen there.” And like that she was fast asleep. I turn off the Tv and pick up our bowls, placing them in the sink. As I return to the couch, I think of the premiere that’s so close from today. Claire’s right, anything can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out what that is.

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