He was like a kaleidoscope -

i was able to see the world differently

I am so in love


I am so in love


I’m all a flutter :D

Happiness With You

Hello lovelies! I come to you with a new one-shot! It is witty, cute, and makes you realize what love really is about. I hope you enjoy this and please like it and share it with your friends and the tumblr community! 
xoxo, Grace :)


Love is often deemed to be a way of representing the significant other as your lucky ‘prize’ or best thing that’s ever happened in your life. But is that really what love is about? No.

It’s about finding someone who makes you realize that you aren’t completely yourself unless you are with them. The realization that love, means individual happiness as a couple.


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I really need to learn commitment and keeping up with the things I start. For instance, this blog. I have to finish 3 series and continue one shots because not out of guilt to give you guys something; because I need to feel whole again and writing makes me feel whole.
Watch out and stay tuned for consistency. :)